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What and When was TV talking about when the "World Pissed On My Purple Patch?"

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ive treid to work this one out for a while but i have to give and ask about the line in the  'future used to be better '   the line ...  ' the world pist on my purple patch '  whats the purple patch ? what does that line mean ? is there any significance to the purple patch ?  just asking as i was asked this same question and to be hinest im not sure about the line myself.

anyone ???

I think that the Purple Patch is your finest hour Jock. The time in life when you are performing at your absolute peak.

The thing with TV is he has had so many Purple Patches that I never can work out which is his true Purple Patch.

Here are some examples...

TV's Purple Patch :arrow:


Adverts: Red Sea John Peel sessions.


The final line up of The Mighty Explorers.


The awesome March Of The Giants.


Tv solo at EARTHBOUND 3 in Elland - Not A Bad Day!

...Or maybe he still hasn't reached it yet as Teev keeps getting better and better all the time.


Thanks TJ
That does help a lot ... im sure your spot on there m8 ...and now i can tell
Carol and Moon and my mate who all asked that very question .


Hi Jock and TJ,

Once I translated that line into German and I think "purple patch" is something wounded people wear around their arms.
Just like the yellow thing with the black spots blind people wear around their arms....
Well, I could be absolutely wrong, but thatīs how I remember it.....


Hmm can't quite see why someone would urinate on such a thing JS 8O

...I think I'll stick with my version, I guess it's an English double meaning saying.

Nice to speak to you again JS. :D

Tj 8)  8O


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