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Does TV like 'Only Fools And Horses' ?

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Andrew Skinner:
Does TV like 'Only Fools And Horses' ?

Strange what comes up in coversation sometimes innit!

:?: Please, can anyone brighten this one for me?

Andrew Skinner:
It doesn't look like it !

Klaus, only Fools and Horses is a 'classic' British comedy about a family who are going to be millionaires but their trading schemes never quite come off...  it's been running for some years, but lately it's just Christmas specials. Great programme.

Andrew, I can't say I've ever heard TV refer to it and there's no 'lovely jobley' / 'who dares wins' / 'you plonker'  type quotes in any of his songs that I remember even in one million pounds where it could be relevant...


Thanks for clearing that, Alan! I thought it was a comedy, but didn't really know about it.


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