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How Many Times Have You Seen TV Live?

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It's list time.

Back in 2002 I complied a list of how many TV gigs I'd seen as I suspected I was approaching my 21st.

...Guess what TV played to celebrate this in The Victoria in Derby on bonfire night in 2002?

By the end of 2002 I had my Silver (25) Anniversary gig at Cambridge, where TV played the Transvestite version of Lies. :? :roll: :lol:

I plan to update the rest of the list at lunch time today.

As Jock is always going on about my lists, I might even publish the full list on the forum.

I know that several TUTS have been to see TV more times than me, so I'm curious how many times you have seen THE GREAT MAN.

I'm one of the lucky few who saw TV in The Adverts in 1977, but then I had a 21 years and 3 months gap until I saw TV in Leeds at the late lamented Duchess.

This means that I didn't catch The Explorers, like C5, The Party Line (playing Channel 5 and The 80's Demo's), like Smithy, and Cheap, like Alan. :mrgreen:  :cry:

...never mind I can't change history, but I'm more than making up for what I missed now. :D

Can't wait for Wednesday and Thursday. :D :D :D


hm 18 times i think..

my first one was

19.12.02 Düsseldorf AK47

than in 2003 with Full band

19.2.03 Essen Zeche Carl
21.2.03 Jülich Kuba

without Band but with Garden Gang
22.5.03 Düsseldorf-Benrath Benrather Hof
23.5.03 Viersen RKW
24.5.03 Ratingen Lux
8.12.03 Hamburg Knust
17.12.03 Bochum Wageni

19.12.03 Düsseldorf Tor3 again a full Band gig

20.12.03 Stolberg The Savoy this was complete Solo

in 2004 than again with garden gang
3.11.04 Essen Cafe Nova
4.11.04 Hamburg Knust
12.11.04 Jülich Kuba
13.11.04 Ratingen Lux

2 solo gigs
23.11.04 Köln Stereo Wonderland
24.11.04 Siegen Meyers

and again with the garden gang
27.11.04 Düsseldorf Stone im Ratinger Hof

and one gig in 2005
23.4.05 Uedelhoven Vollmondfestival

One day I'll do that list... :roll:
I am quite curious with how many gigs I will end up. :|




Hi m8. :D

I was just going to sign out and I noticed your name. Welocome back m8.

I bet your list sure whoops the ass of a mine!

Speaking of lists I've just noticed something interesting in the TV Smith Song List. I'll post my thoughts in TV songs.


Hi TJ, :D

couldn't resist to log in, today. 8)
Great to be back on the forum.



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