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Class of 79:
I've just ended up with about 100 Classical albums and about 100 Classical CD's.  Thing is I don't want them as I can't stand Classical music.  I'm reluctant to sell them on ebay as it will take me a lifetime to shift them and probably for about 1 each.  Does anyone know of anyone/anywhere/web sites that buys such things? Ta.........

If I were you, I'd keep a few and try to listen. I'm really not a big fan of classical music, but sometimes in the right mood, it can be good!!  :)
(Sorry I'm not of much help in selling...)

what ones have you got  :D    were into some classical stuff .. Holst the planets and the right classics..like  Toccata & fuge in D minor (  captain nemos tune ) and others .   :roll:

Who appreciate aesthetics in music tend to prefer classical?

I have all the Classical I need thanks.

I'm even booked to go see Nigel Kennedy perform the 'Four Seasons' in September.

Music is music. It either moves you or it don't. ;D


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