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Having listened to Iggy Pop from time to time, especially recently (as I got a live album from '79 with Brian James and Glen Matlock in his band!), it was about time to start a thread on him. He was a major influence on TV Smith (mentioned in the Punkrock poem) after all...  8)

One of the albums which got me started on Iggy was 1990's "Brick By Brick", described as a "patchwork" later, but I liked the guitars on most of the tracks and there's good songs all over it. Of course I also got older albums which I enjoyed a lot, like "Lust For Life" and, needless to say, the old Stooges discs...  :D

What are your favourite albums/songs by Iggy? Or general views on him and his live shows etc. :?:

When he and The Stooges played all of Fun House last year it was fantastic - Tim and Gaye were there and they thought so too!

iggy is superb live , a great showman, MENTAL but great .  id like to see him at rebellion , that would be ace .

abused and confused:
agreed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love the bloke !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
now this man is original.
his antholgy is ace though im not too keen on disc two which is the more modern stuff.cd one is sheer fucking brilliance.
markus mellow.  8O

Well, I just listened to a lot of his stuff. Had a "weak phase" in the 80's it seems. I had the feeling that e.g. the live versions from '79 (like "Dog Food" a.o.) sounded better than the studio versions...
He still had a few good songs, but the awful 80's production is a downer on many of his records between 1980 and 1986... In 1988 he released "Instinct", a hard rocking album with Steve Jones on guitar. Not bad, but still not perfect ("High on you" is one of my favorite songs though).
Having just listened to it, I have to say "Brick By Brick" is still a brilliant album, great songs, good lyrics, also a good production (Don Was). I realised how often I must have listened to these songs in 1990-'91 and how much some of the lyrics had impressed/influenced me...  :o

I saw him in concert in 1993 in Stuttgart and was absolutely blown away, great show! Continued to buy his albums, good songs still to be found.
Didn't like the "Beat 'em up" album from 2001 though, too many boring heavy metal riffs for me. But the song "Ugliness" (which I heard him perform live in 2000) was a good one.
Latest album (with The Stooges and some other bands) was quite good again, let's see what comes next. Is he still playing with The Stooges currently :?:


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