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Today I already deleted 3-4 spam posts away. Looks like a new spammer attack to the Forum, like we had a couple of years ago. I've been online a lot today, but can't promise to do so for the next weeks, so I'm sorry if more spam posts might cause inconvenience for Forum users.
Hopefully Klaus is already testing new anti-spam technology.  :)

Again about 5 spam posts to be deleted today.
Hope this won't start to be as bad as it was a while ago (2006?)...  :(

have to see what can be done about this...

I don't know Klaus - you pop over to England and everything goes wrong...

I've also been deleting spam posts about drugs for sale.

...Today I was very tempted. ;)

Everyone's mentions what Klaus has done for this website Uli, but Klaus and I both know you are the engine that keeps this forum in good moderated order.

Uli the engine... Never Buried by the Machine.

Thank you. :D


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