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The Links To All The Best TV Smith Songs and Albums Charts 1982 to 2009


Hi TUTS to free up the number of sticky topics in TV Songs, here are the links to all the TV Smith Song Charts and all the TV Smith Album charts...

1st TV Smith Songs Chart 1982 by Dave 'TV Times' Thompson

2nd TV Smith Songs Chart 2001 by Tj

3rd TV Smith Song Chart 2003 by Klaus

4th TV Smith Song Chart 2009 by C5, Fred, Gaby & Tj

The Best TV Smith Album Chart 2003 by Klaus

The Best TV Smith Album Chart 2006 by C5

The Best TV Smith Album Chart 2009 by Tj

Hope you find this useful and a lot neater TUTS.  8)

The Servant

Thanks TJ love it all ;)

Our pleasure Thackeray 61.

We TUTS aim to please. :D

Welcome to the wonderful world of TV and the TUTS. 8)

Talking to Uli about scoring TV's albums out of 10 got me so excited I thought I'd read through our past song and album charts and highlight the winners.

TUTS TV Smith Song Chart Winners

1982 Tomahawk Cruise
2001 Expensive Being Poor
2003 Only One Flavour
2009 The Lord's Prayer

TUTS TV Smith Album Chart Winners

2003 March of The Giants
2006 Not A Bad Day
2009 March of The Giants

It's interesting that the two winners of our last TV Smith Song Chart were both originally part of the 80's Demo's... The Lords's Prayer and The Lion and The Lamb.


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