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TV Times - Back From The Dead!
This is the return of TV Smith’s fanzine TV Times (No Relation) originally written in the 80s by Dave Thompson (now one of the world’s top five rock music biographers).
TV Times 44 focuses on the stories of TV Times and TV's upcoming new CD Sparkle in the Mud.
Sparkle in the Mud is the long awaited release of TV Smith's legendary 80s Demos. 80 minutes of rare, sublime and spellbinding songs.
Exclusive cover-shot featured in this edition of the TV Times!
Get your copy of TV's fanzine now through this free download:
Enjoy the read and please post your feedback here!

Wow, just received the newsletter email and had a first (short) look at the brand new TV Times. Nice design, well done! Content looks absolutely brilliant as well, will keep me reading tonight & tomorrow. More later.  8)

Just read the newsletter and had a quick glance at the first new edition of the TV Times! Content really looks nice ;) Thanks a lot guys!

Großartig, danke Klaus !

Hach, Wolfgang und ich waren dabei, als Tim im Kaffee AM Erika die Seiten zum zweiten Mal rissen, und als Meike diese tollen Bilder geschossen hat. Ein ganz verschneiter Winterabend in sehr intimer Atmoshäre (20 Leute), unvergesslich.


Great Excellent Awesome - good work!!!!!  :D
We have to drink some beers @ Elland  ;D celebrate TV Times...


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