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Today I finally worked out how to put IP addresses and whole web hosts on the ban list.
I used this excessively today to ban "users" (spambots) who have ads in their sig and so on.

Should anyone have any problems accessing the forum (e.g. because I banned a host used by "normal" users too), please send a message to
and we will try to solve the problem!!

Hopefully in the next time we won't have lots of those useless "users" online who only came to advertise.

Good work Uli - much appreciated.

I hope it'll work - the list below said 200 users online today, which sounds good, but - most of them are "users" with names like 211ConcetaYatesa or something!  :P
But then again I have to be careful because real users sometimes have names with numbers as well... (claret999 for example)!

Nice one Uli  :)

Thanks, it's a bit tricky, I wanna avoid to block any of the "normal" users...
So if you hear of anyone having problems, let us know!


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