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Eastfield: 7" vinyl single


It's not TV or Adverts related, but Eastfield already were on tour with Tim, so it might be interesting ;)

I just launched my 7" vinyl record label and released a first record together with the awesome Eastfield from Birmingham. Repetition is a 4 song best-of - available in various editions and only on vinyl:
- 100 vinyls in each of those colors: pink, blue, green, red & yellow (printed covers): 4,5 euro (plus shipping)
- 110 on clear vinyl in screenprinted and handumbered covers: 6,5 euro (plus shipping)
- 55 over pressings in handsprayed and handumbered covers (with two train pictures front and back): 10,5 euro (plus shipping)

More details & pics (in german):  http://truetrash.com/plattenlabel/plattenlabel-truetrash-records-veroffentlicht-%E2%80%9Eeastfield-vinyl-single.html

Interested? Just write me a pm or get it on one of the Eastfield gigs.

Two different speeds (45/33) for the 7" sides? That's horrible!  :o  ;D

I liked Eastfield when I saw them with Garden Gang, so I might buy it at the next time.

I love Eastfield, so I'll be picking one up after seeing them next.

All the very best of luck with the label Fab!

Excellent I always enjoy a bit of Eastfield - probably grab one of these at Rebellion

All the best for the new label!

Thanks a lot!

@ Uli: We thought that's kind a cool idea ;D


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