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Having a bit of a clear-out, I'm trying to sell off some older cd's I own in several versions or won't listen to again...

Ask me for any details if you need to know, wanna see a pic of the cd etc.
Any offers appreciated, first come first served.  8)

Edit: took off the list, more maybe later

Yes You Can Klaus? Yes you can.  :-*


--- Quote from: Tj on October 01, 2013, 05:35:14 PM ---Yes You Can Klaus? Yes you can.  :-*

--- End quote ---

 :D :) ;D

I'll bring it to Augsburg - only 25 Euro for you!  8)

I might have some old vinyl for sale! If you're interested in buying (or re-selling), let me know. I offer here first, before trying ebay, discogs or anything else!!

Let me know. Pics available, as well as catalogue numbers etc.!


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