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I'm intrigued by the new studio acoustic album - something I've heard called for many times!

So how does it compare to the 'originals' and more to the point what's the track listing?!

I've ordered it.
Can't find any details of track listing but that's nice 'cause it'll be a surprise. :)

Yeah, I'm not gonna spoil your surprise!  :)
Only so much: for those of us who were at EB it is nice that there's some songs he played, e.g. The Newshound and Walk Away!
Other tracks are bit like a "best of" with a few surprises.  8)
Versions are as you are used to from the live gigs, some maybe a bit slower.

This is the kind of album I'd wished for since 1999, when I first saw TV live. (Ok, we got some "bootlegs" and official live albums since then, but back in 2000/1 I was really wishing for something like this...)

Nah I'm not one for surprises...

I love it! It's like Tim plays in our living room. Btw. producer is, Uli and Gabumon may be surpriced, good old Jon Caffery! ;D
With the setlist he made a good choice.  :-X




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