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New Mutants albums scheduled for 2015 release

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Hi Tim,

I see that not one, but two, Mutants albums are scheduled for release later this year. Are you appearing on them and were they recorded at the same time as the first one?

Ta, Fred.

I don't know anything about it Fred. I was disappointed that the original one never actually seemed to get a physical release so hopefully that will be one of this double pack.

Is the other Mutants album called "Mutants In Tokyo"?

If so it appears to be a totally different line-up as posted on The Mutants FB page in February...

''The Next Mutants Album will be "Mutants In Tokyo" Feat : Seiji (Guitar Wolf), Ronnie “Yoshiko” Fujiyama (The, Mr. Pan (The Neatbeats), Mika Handa (Mika Bomb), The Let’s Go’s, Lily Sunokoff & Tomoko Jett (Kannana Speed Cats), Chigwo (The sham), Akinobu Imai (The Golden Wet Fingers), Haru (Suna No Ryu), Rockin’ Enocky (Jackie & The Cedrics), Keicot (DeeDeeFever), Yasunori Henmi (Jitterbug), Jack (KAO=S), Hiroe Morikawa, Kohei Matsumoto...''

Tim - many thanks for your speedy reply Sir!

Ken - you bring bad news, but we don't shoot messengers on this website (or even beat them up Clarkson-style!).

Thanks again both.

By the way folks, there do seem to be a very large number of "demos" available as CD's on eBay for The Mutants first offering. I've got the two track, four track and full album all on CD via this route.

I've just checked and there are still several on there if you fancy one.


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