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Forthcoming 'Gary Gilmore's Eyes' Remix 12"

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Anyone speak Dutch or whatever this is....

Seems like it's a 12" record plus cd (yeah that's the easiest part) and what I gather from the text is that it will be 4 remixes of the song (each with TV involved), ranging from electro-rock to acoustic, sometimes with female background vocals.

I've never been the biggest fan of remixes...  :-\

Google Translate (and you know I'm a BIG fan) to the rescue:

"Yeah, time really flies! So it is these days already thirty-seven years ago, The Adverts blew our socks "Gary Gilmore's Eyes", a real punk anthem, the first American who was executed effective after the reintroduction of the death penalty.

Today brings the new label Tracks & Traces, under the wings of us all Starman Records, a 12 inch vinyl EP out, with accompanying CD, which can be heard four remixes of the song. TV Smith, the founder of The Adverts, is still active in the music business and has a hand in four new versions of this classic, which we can only hope they catch on. The song itself is very strong in its simplicity. The remixes range from electro-rock-with-barbed to acoustic. In all four cases, you keep the original single version, there continue to hear through, but the electronics and the mixing (of KGB and Martin Bowes add quite a bit of news: sometimes the focus is on the ladies of the backing vocals, then again the basslines In any case, this is the ultimate proof of the strength of this song:. in all four versions he remains effortlessly up and something tells me that the clubbers this summer will herald a new future for this song ....

Admittedly, I'm a fan, but even without that derogation would I dare say with hand on heart that this ep is a very welcome addition to the record collection of everyone who ever a party dares to listen."

'Club' remixes, eh?  ;D

You love it  ;)
This project started many years ago after Martin Bowes from Attrition told me he wanted to record a new version of the song. I stayed over at his place one night after a gig in Coventry and we recorded a new acoustic version for him to build an electronic remix on. After that Attrition became very big in the club/goth scene, Martin got very busy with that and the idea slept for a few years. He finally got round to his remix recently, then contacted a guy from a label in Belgium who then came to one of my gigs over there and told me he was very excited about it. He did a couple of remixes too, and we also kept the original acoustic version on the EP. I'm not saying this is going to go down well with all Adverts fans, but I think it's a worthwhile direction to take the song - something different rather than just another punk rehash.


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