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Invicta Magazine interview (2019)


Great new interview can be found here:

A few quotes:

--- Quote ---How did your recent show in Berlin with Die Toten Hosen go?

That was really a highlight of the year.

What about the rest of your European tour, how is that going?

Iím on a kind of never-ending European tour. The usual pattern is that I go out and play a short string of dates, then come back to the UK for a few days, then get straight out to Europe again. The gigs have been going great, particularly since the release of the new album.

Are you playing a lot of material from the new album?

I try and play most of it in amongst the old favourites. All the songs work well live and the audiences seem to have taken to it straight away. Itís a great feeling to hear them singing along to songs that have only just come into the set.
--- End quote ---

Great find Uli, I enjoyed that thanks.


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