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A film about Wire


My mate Malcolm has sent me this snippet of film that, with Crowdfunding, he and cohort Graham Duff ('Ideal' writer) are hoping to complete. Looks promising:


Any news on this please? I've had a look online, but it all seems rather inconclusive...

By chance, I got to speak to Graham just before Xmas. He said that around 90% of the film had been made and that the funding required to finish the project was because they needed to go to the US to film some more interviews. But, what with C-19, I guess they're up shit creek for the foreseeable, esp as Agent Orange is intent on making things worse Over There.

A lot of good stuff on hold for the time being I guess.

Many thanks for the update - AND something else to look forward to!

Just watched an 'update' of sorts.

If you look in the 'Comments' you'll avoid looking at Graham Duff and Malcolm Boyle setting up the stage for over two hours.

Interesting that, at the end, some of the audience approach members of the band for autographs and a chat...completely ignoring that there is a famous rock/pop star in the front row. Tbf, I doubt that the audience would've recognised her (Miki Berenyi from Lush).

Nb. There is a bit of a snide remark about Tim at one point.

Please don't be shocked... ;)


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