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I was just going through The Adverts discography and I'd like to get one thing cleared up concerning the song "We Who Wait".

In 1983 when the John Leckie produced version of "Gary Gilmore's Eyes" was released on a 7", it was backed with  "New Day Dawning"and "We Who Wait". On both sides of that record's centre labels it states "produced by John Leckie".

But, as far as I know "We Who Wait" was produced by Barry Miles and recorded at Pebble Beach Studios - not recorded as part of the John Leckie produced album sessions.

So, are there two different studio versions of "We Who Wait" (Miles and Leckie produced) or is it a mistake on the 1983 7" to credit "We Who Wait" to John Leckie?

I haven't got the 1983 "Gary Gilmore's Eyes" 7", otherwise I'd compare "We Who Wait" from it to the version on "Safety In Numbers" 7".


Alan Grundy:
I've listened to both singles today and to be honest, I can't hear any difference in the 2 releases.
I would have thought if the later release of " We Who Wait" was re-done with John Leckie it would have been on one of the CD releases of "Crossing" as happened with the "Gary Gilmore's Eyes" and "New Day Dawning" recordings. So I guess it was a mistake with the credit.

Cheers Alan - that does seem the most likely explanation.


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