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Compilation punk album in support of closed music venues

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Alan Grundy:

TV has confirmed his participation in this project.
Can we hope for something not previously released?

Help keep Punk/Rock music venues going

Compilation punk album project in support of closed venues.·Friday, 24 April 2020·
At the moment, all over Europe, and the world over, music venues have been forced to close their doors. Some possibly forever. Without cash flow, the average business might be able to hang on for around three months, before eating into savings and private assets. If they have any.
There are certain venues, where bands love to play, and venues who promote bands they love.
We’re proposing a collaboration between RiverStudios Belgium, Advance Records/Reaktor Vinyl, Dublin, to produce Compilation albums for venues around Europe that bands and fans love, with the intention that  profits go to the venues forced to close at the moment.
We are compiling lists of Venues and bands/artists to make a series of Ltd compilations, all different, under the same banner. So for example, if we have 5 venues, we’ll need 60 bands to donate a track and an image towards the project.
We’ll do the rest: Mastering, pressing, distribution.
We’ll be setting up a kickstarter, where we can raise some funds to get off the ground and where people can buy their copies in advance. Venues will also be able to offer any merch on this platform.

Great idea - but who's this Tim Smith bloke?

Seriously, Tim's stage name would obviously be more recognisable than the 'friendlier' approach taken by the organizers.

Alan Grundy:
It must be "end of days" if you've been on Facebook to see that Fred!

Don't you swear at me!

Honestly, I didn't even notice. It's amazing what effect six weeks and one day (not that I'm counting) stuck 'shielding' indoors can have on your perception.

With Live Versions recorded at the Venues it would be interesting

Some from the Freakshow exist


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