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Wire's "Get Down (Part I & II)"

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How did you come to be involved with/what was your contribution to this track please Tim?


What?  ???

No!  :o

Surely something on Whackypedia can't be wrong?!  ::) It's hyperlinked to you and everything!!!

Seriously, many thanks for the quick reply and I hope that yourself and Sally are now fully recovered and had a great weekend!

P.S. You are sure that's not you playing lead recorder on that track aren't you?  ;)

Not sure why that hyperlink isn't taking you straight to the album page, but if you click on the album on their discography you'll see the 'credit' in the Bonus EP section:

I mean, it's not like 'Smith' is a common name...

Could it have been the other Tim Smith from The Cardiacs maybe?


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