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Someone has drawn my attention to the fact that user "EKTAFF" can't get online.

So I checked and it looks like his profile has been deleted. Then I checked the Administration log and it looks like it was he himself who did it (unintentionally) - or maybe someone hacked his profile (?)!  :o

Klaus, if you're around, any help would be appreciated.

Obviously the newest member is "Ektaff", so we've found a way to get him registered again... of course his old posts will still be around, but you won't find them easily via his (new) profile.
Happy posting!  8)

Obviously he can post now. I changed his profile and Ektaff's now Admin too (for a while at least)!

Just to say

Its good to be back!!!!

I cannot post to Set-lists, awaiting Mr Klauss..

Hey, good to see it works.

And it only took me 1 month to get your profile back to being able to post... :-[


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